Rural areas of Puri district are devoid of the basic health infrastructure. The main health problems that are affecting the area are high infant mortality, maternal mortality,
mal-nutrition, low institutional delivery, skin infection, high fever, diarrhea, etc.. The reasons for these diseases can largely be attributed to ignorance, low status of women, non-availability of medical team,
which operates largely in the remote part of the district. During the period of reporting more than3,000 patients including 1572 women and children were benefited from this program. Free medicines were distributed to the poor and needy.
Even if our State Government is taking regular steps like availability of 108, formation of medical association still the medical problem in District as well State is there due to few problems as per our survey and they are :

- Availability of medical staff at rural areas.
- Transportation.
- Awareness amongst inhabitants to approach to nearest medical. “UNMESH” is trying its level best to sort these problems apart from organizing different type of medical camps like, health camp, mother & child care program, etc. Also it is decided by the Governing Body of the organization to implement mobile hospital system in rural areas.